Speedfy - Aceleradora de boas ideias We provide speed for startups through a set of methods suported by the agents of the innovation ecosystem.

Speeding up startups for reaching global markets and looking forward for new trends.

To speed up the innovation ecosystem by sharing knowledge and application of methods for generating the best results for the community, startups and investors, offering networking and competitive differential for business.

What we do

Startups Mapping

Mapping and identifying the stage of the business for ideal guidance for next steps.

Methodology for Startups Creation

Ideal for people who has a good idea and doesn’t know how to start up.

Methodology for setting up spinoffs

Ideal for companies that need to set a new idea in a new process, unplugged of its operations and in a faster beat as a startup.

WarmUp Speedfy

Training program for beginning startups who need to understand and get into the startup ecosystem.
1. Startup introduction / 2. Startup mindset / 3. Design Thinking / 4. Validation / 5. Monetizing / 6. Business Model / 7. Pitch

GoHard SpeedFy

1. Design sprint for validation of problem and solution / 2. Business Model / 3. Team / 4. Agile Project Management / 5. Monetizing / 6. Valuation and due diligence / 7. Pitch

DemoDay SpeedFy

Opportunity for startups accelerated by Speedfy to show of for investors and community.

Innovation training

Training for sharing knowledge and develop the culture and management of innovation and ideas.

Innovation management

Consulting to promote the development of innovation culture and management in companies.


Co-created 50 hour event realized in a weekend to promote experience through na own methodology that combines design sprint and lean startup for entrepreneurs, developers and general community. This experience can be designed and realized for companies, for its team (maximum 40 participants).

Opened co creation and innovation

Application of methods as design sprint, design thinking ans lean startup for companies.


We share knowledge through talks, mentoring and workshops for schools, companies and other groups to promote an agile mindset for the development of the innovation ecosystem and the society.

Events and networking

We promote events, networking rounds and meetups with agents of the ecosystem.

Who we are

We´re a group of inquiet people who believe in
the potential of startups to change our ecosystem by
high impact entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Our legacy is to transform the world into a much better place for all of us.
We go deep into methodologies and programs that make the startup teams more agile,
with a systematic support and a wide networking.
And your legacy, what will it be?!?